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I Have Seen Angels, Part II

It was a dark time in my life. My husband and I were having problems and in desperation we moved three hours away to a new city.

We moved into our new place on December 1, 2004. I began a new semester at the college in January and the children settled in at Avondale elementary. It was a lot more expensive to live there than we were used to, but we seemed to be doing ok. I didn’t know it at the time, but he had already been seeing someone else before we even moved. Apparently the plan was to move me and the kids there, ditch us after a few weeks, and move back to his hometown to be with his new girlfriend.

Anyway, the second week of January my husband’s aunt committed suicide and he was devastated. We both felt guilty for leaving such a short time before that happened. He wanted to go back home to the funeral alone, and I said I understood. What could I do? What I didn’t understand was why he insisted I did not tell the children that their favourite great-aunt had passed away. He was gone more than a week. It was bitterly cold out. and with no vehicle it was really hard to get the kids and I to school. We were running out of money and the bills were coming due when he finally returned home. He was different. Cold. Distant. It was bleak, and about to get a whole lot worse.

He wasn’t there more than two or three days when we had a huge fight. He frightened me so badly that I left with the kids to a motel for the night. The next morning he was gone. He called from his cell to tell me he needed some time to “think”, so he was going back home to his mother’s place. He never returned.

So there I was. Alone in a city with two children who were depending on me. I had no car, no job, and we had no choice but to survive on my student allowance.

I was pretty depressed, as anyone would be, but I tried hard to make that time in my children’s lives more bearable. I tried to turn our heartbreak into an adventure. I bought food my husband was allergic to. We watched movies he disapproved of. I listened to my music and danced around the house with my kids. We slept out in the living room like it was a camp-out.

Then there were the bad days. The days I would send them off to school, skip class for myself, and curl up with coffee and sad music. Those were the days of Yahoo’s Launchcast Plus radio stations in every imaginable genre. I would listen to the Christian station and pray for God to be with me, to give me strength to go on, to get through this. All of my dreams seemed a million miles away and I felt broken. Slowly, as I began reading the Word and drawing close to God, I felt Him draw closer to me. I felt His presence. I felt safe and comforted.

On one evening, as I was laying on the futon we used for a bed, with the children sleeping beside me, I felt particularly alone. I had the TV on, but I wasn’t paying attention to it. While I was staring ahead something happened that I will do my best to try to explain. It’s like a curtain was drawn back and I could “see” into somewhere else, and that somewhere was Heaven. The most amazing part of it was I was fully awake and I could see the edges of my television stand and the wall around the space I was looking into. In this place I saw someone I  knew was an Angel. He was dressed in white, dazzling white, with gold accents. His hair was golden and he had the most serene smile on his face. I felt instantly peaceful, and filled with such incredibly sweet joy that I can’t even compare it to anything I’ve felt before, or since.

The Angel was holding a silver platter. On the platter was a bakery store picture perfect loaf of bread and a silver pitcher of beautiful ruby red wine. He then knelt before me and placed the platter in front of me, and just as instantly as this vision appeared, it was gone, and the television came back into focus again.

I was bewildered, almost second guessing, but no, I knew what I saw. I wasn’t sleeping (the very thought was laughable since I had bad insomnia since my husband had left us). The next day I was talking to someone on the phone trying to decipher what it might have meant, when my son (who I didn’t even realize was listening) said, “Mom, that’s Communion”. As soon as he said that it became clear to me, and I began to cry. I knew God was with me, and my children, and He would care for us.


I have Seen Angels, Part 1

It was a few winters ago. My two children and I were travelling from Medicine Hat to Lethbridge  when I heard this weird scraping on the underside of van. I decided to stop at the Domo service station in Bow Island to check what the problem was.


I noticed right away that the wheel wells were completely filled with snow to the point of scraping the tires. I called my husband to let him know and ask what he thought I should do. I was trying to kick some of the snow out of there when an older man came up to me. He asked me what the problem was. He seemed very kind, and really interested in helping. I told him that the snow was kicked up under there when I was driving and it had frozen underneath so it was impossible to go on. Just then my husband told me to just keep going as it was only another hour or so to Lethbridge, and since it was colder now the snow on the road was too frozen to keep collecting under there. I was parked about where the semi’s trailer begins shown in the picture below.


The older man interrupted us and said to me in the most calm, but matter-of-fact tone, “If you continue on like that you’ll get into an accident and you’ll all be killed”. I just stared at him, and I knew; I don’t even know how, but I knew that he was right. He pointed behind us and said, “You could wash it in the car wash right there. It won’t take long”. I agreed and he walked back to his car parked about 15 feet away. My husband asked “Who’s that?” I was looking down still trying to dislodge some of the snow and I answered it was a stranger that advised me to wash the snow off. My husband just said “ok, call me when you’re done”. I hung up and looked for the man, but he was gone.


I was puzzled as to where he went because the 15-20 seconds I was looking down wasn’t enough time for the man to walk to his vehicle, start it, roll up to the stop sign, stop, then drive out of sight. It’s the prairie and you can see from the pictures that there’s no way he would be out of sight in that short amount of time, plus it was cold, like -15 or so. I remember just knowing that I didn’t even hear a vehicle start and even if I did I would still see that vehicle driving away, but there was nothing!


I started thinking about how odd it was that this person just blurted out what sounded like either paranoia or else (bordering on) rude intervention…only, it didn’t feel like that at the time. He was kind; his demeanor was that of a calm, rational individual. There was something else though, he was so peaceful. There was this feeling of pure peace that surrounded him and calmed me down. Anyone knows me knows that if a total stranger walked up to me and told me those things I would either be supremely paranoid and most likely respond with annoyance, but instead his peace soothed me. As I washed the van I kept going over what happened in my mind and I realized that I had an encounter with an angel. I know it! I know it as surely as I know my children’s names.