Accepting and Celebrating Who You Are

I have spent most of my adult life feeling guilty for not conforming to societal norms. I tried to mould myself into what most would call a normal, productive adult lifestyle, but no matter how hard I tried I would end up miserable.

I do not run a conventional household. Yes, I love staying up late and sleeping late. I get as much sleep as you do, just at different times. I used to struggle all throughout my school career. I would be extremely tired throughout the morning, and would perk up near the end of the day. I was called lazy, rebellious, and just plain weird by almost everyone. I would read late into the night and my most productive homework hours were the middle of the night for everyone else. Coffee was my friend pretty early in life. After the internet became a normal part of life I would seek out those nocturnal types on Yahoo! Chat Rooms (remember those?) and even talk to people from around the world who were up during “normal” daylight hours. After so many years of feeling guilty for all the late mornings and opting to miss breakfast for more sleep I woke up (late) one day and had an epiphany; I do not have to feel guilty or apologize for being different anymore. I am who I am and I need to accept me, just the way I am.

On that note I found a couple of articles that explore this further. The first explains that it is an actual disorder called delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS). Not Everyone’s Internal Clock is Set For 9-5

The second article is mostly fun, with a little bit of science mixed in. It describes how the most intelligent of us tend to stay up later and sleep later. Night Owls and Early Risers Have Different Brain Structures

Hooray! One more reason to celebrate me!


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